5-figure settlement for infusion leak to mother

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Elline Demetriou has reached another successful outcome for a Claimant, who pursued a post C-section birth injury to mother claim against an NHS Trust.

The Claimant, Mrs H, was prescribed iron tablets by her midwife during her pregnancy.

Following an emergency C-section she delivered a healthy baby but due to the level of blood loss during the operation, she was informed that she would need a blood or iron transfusion.

It was decided that Mrs H would have an iron infusion, and Mrs H was informed. Mrs H had asked the staff attending to her whether or not there would be any side effects and was told there were none.

Mrs H had a cannula put into her right arm in order to commence the iron infusion, but Mrs H felt terrible pain immediately. She informed the two midwives who were in the room with her, and the cannula was removed and then re-inserted into her left arm for the infusion to begin again. Once again, Mrs H felt terrible pain and informed the midwives that this was worse than before. She was dismissed by them and was told that she needed to have the infusion. Mrs H felt she had no choice but to sit through and wait for it to end. Mrs H cried throughout the process due to the intense pain she felt and the midwives would pause the transfusion when the pain was unbearable, and then resume it to continue.

Shortly after the infusion, Mrs H noticed some discolouration in her left arm at the same site as the cannula insertion. She reported this to the midwife as she thought it was bruising, and the midwife said she would ask a doctor to review this. A different midwife drew a circle around the edge of the bruise to monitor the size.

The doctor reviewed Mrs H, advised her that she had suffered an allergic reaction, and prescribed antihistamines.

The next day it was noted that the brown discolouration in Mrs H’s arm had spread and that Mrs H had suffered “Ferinject staining/extravasation into tissue.” Mrs H was advised that the stain would fade and was discharged from the hospital with advice to keep her arm out of the sun and uncertainty over the prognosis of the discolouration on her arm. Mrs H made efforts to obtain a dermatology referral and although laser was initially suggested as a possible option to improve the staining Mrs H was advised it may also not be successful and the use of skin camouflage clinic was suggested instead. Mrs H was left with a permanent iron stain across half of her upper left arm which extended into her forearm. Her arm was also tender at the site of the injury.

Mrs H brought a claim against the Defendant Trust for:

  1. Failing to obtain proper consent from Mrs H for the Ferinject intravenous iron infusion;
  2. Failing to use the correct technique in siting the cannula before commencing the procedure in both Mrs H’s arms;
  3. Failing to exercise caution to avoid leakage of iron into Mrs H’s arm;
  4. Failing to suspect and/or stop the client immediately in both arms once realising Mrs H had suffered an extravasation.

The Defendant Trust admitted liability and Osbornes are pleased to have achieved a 5-figure settlement for Mrs H.

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