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If rights of way and access issues are causing you problems, Osbornes can help. Our expert right of way solicitors can get to the heart of the problem, using our skills in negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution to get you the best possible solution – fast.

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Expert right of way services

The property litigation lawyers at Osbornes has four decades of experience advising on complex rights of way and access disputes. We help homeowners, investors, property developers, and private and public companies of all sizes resolve right of way disputes swiftly, with practical solutions that achieve your goals. 

An easement is right to enter or use someone else’s property for a specific purpose. The right can be written down in your property deeds, or it can be acquired over decades simply by someone exercising the right on a regular basis. Sometimes, a business or individual will not even realise that their property is subject to an easement until they see a steady stream of hikers walking across their land, or a neighbour parking a vehicle on their driveway. 

We provide sound advice for a wide range of easement disputes, including:

  • Investigating whether an easement exists
  • Advising on the conditions attached to an easement
  • Injunctions to stop someone interfering with an easement
  • Legal action to stop someone using an easement excessively
  • Compelling someone to repair and maintain a right of way
  • Extinguishing easements
  • Changing the route of rights of way

If you feel that someone is using your land unlawfully, or your neighbours are not allowing you to exercise an easement over their land, we can help. Our property litigation experts are specialists in this area. We can help you resolve your dispute efficiently, and where relevant seek compensation for any loss you have incurred as a result of someone interfering with your rights.

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    • Manjit Mandair respresented me in a disrepair claim against my landlord. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Osbornes Solicitors to all.

      Housing disrepair client

    • Will Ford is a leading figure in the social housing field. He is highly committed to his clients and leaves no stone unturned in seeking to assist them with their problems.

      Legal 500 2022

    • "For spinal cord injuries, particularly cauda equina, Ben Posford is a key contact"

      Legal 500

    • A broad knowledge places the social housing department one step ahead of others when it comes to community care knowledge.

      Chambers UK

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    For a free initial conversation call 020 7485 8811

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