Property Ownership Disputes

Joint Ownership Disputes And Shares In Property

If you are caught up in a dispute with a partner, family member, friend or business associate over a property that you own together, we can help. Our specialist solicitors are experts in the industry. We work hard to protect your investment and secure the best possible outcome for everyone involved

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Joint property ownership disputes solicitors

Owning property jointly with a partner or friend should be a straightforward experience, but sometimes it results in a challenging dispute with someone close to you. At Osbornes Law, we go the extra mile to deal with your ownership dispute quickly so that you can all move on to the next stage in your lives. We understand that co-owned properties are not only a place for you to live in, but also a significant financial investment. We work hard to help you protect that.

About jointly owned property disputes

It’s common for couples, family members, friends and business partners to buy property together. But what happens when the relationship breaks down? In these situations, disputes can arise easily. Essential to resolving the problem is understanding what each owner is legally entitled to, so everyone can walk away happy.

Our property litigation solicitors advise both residential and commercial property owners on the best options to protect their interests. We offer expert advice in a wide range of situations:

  • Cohabiting couples who purchased property together without documenting their ownership shares
  • Where someone’s name is not on the title but they contributed to the purchase price, mortgage payments, improvement works or household expenses 
  • Where parents have provided the deposit for a property purchased by their child, and the relationship later breaks down
  • Disagreements between co-owners over what they should do with the property, such as sell it, improve it, live in it or rent it out
  • Problems with inherited property where the owners disagree on how to deal with it

The most common property ownership disputes involve family breakdown which means there is a lot at stake. As a full-service law firm, we can lean on the expertise of property litigation lawyers and family lawyers to resolve your property ownership dispute and put all the protections in place for a stress-free future. 

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    • A huge thank you for doing the successful conveyancing for my new home. I am very impressed with your tenacity and thoroughness you carried out in the research and questioning for answers as this was no simple conveyancing by any means. It is very much appreciated.

      Residential Conveyancing department client

    • [The Family Law department] handles significant matrimonial finance cases and complex nuptial agreements. Respected for its expertise in cross-border children law matters.

      Chambers UK

    • “I would like to express heartfelt thank you to Snezhina and her colleagues for their high level of professionalism, support and personal commitment throughout the claim. Their team of highly qualified lawyers successfully fulfilled their responsibilities with quality work and good timing. Thank you again to you and your colleagues!”

      Client review

    • Emily is cool headed and professional. Ske keeps to the point and is business like

      Residential Conveyancing client

    • “It is a pleasure to recommend Lisa Pepper and her team (Lauren Gaines and Sophie Brand) at Osbornes Law for their professionalism and hard work in our case, which was a difficult one and which they brought to a successful outcome."

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    For a free initial conversation call 020 7485 8811

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