Life at Osbornes Law

We’ve helped thousands of people over the last forty-plus years to gain justice, and successfully deal with so many important life matters.

Our practice is driven by a desire to provide ‘An open door to Justice and to protect our clients’.

  • Our teams are buzzing, focussed on what we do best
  • Our people are kind, encouraging and motivating

It’s not just about work… we encourage all to organise social events to help us get to know our colleagues and friends, across the business.

What is it about Osbornes Law that we like most?

I have worked at Osbornes for 9 years starting my professional career as a newly qualified solicitor and have since been promoted. I particularly appreciate that the firm has allowed me the autonomy to pursue areas of interest which has helped to develop my practice, whilst at the same time I feel that I have had the support and supervision to give me the confidence to flourish.

Manjit Mandair, Associate Solicitor, Housing and Social Care

I like working at Osbornes because of its inclusive and attentive working environment. I feel comfortable to speak to my seniors about any issues I may have and I am confident in the knowledge that I will be supported in my journey to learn and grow as a paralegal.”

Shaili Desai, Paralegal

I like working at Osbornes Law because of the supportive and inclusive working environment. We all work together and create strong working bonds both in our departments and cross departmentally so there is always someone you can approach or discuss a legal issue or client query with. The open door policy and open plan office environment makes it easy to not only to bounce idea off your peers but feel confident to approach partners and more senior solicitors for help and guidance.”

Sabrina Powell, Associate Solicitor, Family

We enjoy working with and are always looking for talented, bright individuals who are inspired by the work that we do.

When you join us we will provide:

  • A comprehensive programme of induction
  • A mentor
  • Guidance, support and training in internal personal and commercial skills
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • On-the job training and supervision
  • Opportunities to network and make new contacts
  • Opportunities to do so much more with local communities and charities.

Our people

We are committed to a culture of inclusion and diversity. Regardless of their role or position within the firm everyone has access to a variety of personal development opportunities to help them work towards and realise their full potential.

We enjoy seeing people grow with us and stay with us!