Our approach to head and brain injuries

Our Approach To Head Injury Claims

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Our partner-led team of highly qualified solicitors have many years of experience in this field. The partners are very hands-on and approachable and are always keen to visit and meet the client to understand his or her needs.

We have developed a large network of professionals and specialists, providing clients with the best possible attention and advice throughout their claims. We also have a sensitive understanding of the effect on families of this devastating trauma and the importance of strong legal support. Therefore, with Osbornes Solicitors LLP you can rest assured that your claim with be dealt with great diligence and care.

Summary of the journey through the claims process with our head and brain injury experts:

Step One:

We examine details relating to the cause of the accident, establishing who is responsible for the injuries sustained.

Step Two:

We organise appropriate rehabilitation and support.

Step Three:

A detailed assessment of the severity and impact of the acquired head and brain injuries is made.

Step Four:

A review of progress is organised to ensure the necessary support needs are being met.

Step Five:

A calculation for a maximum compensation claim is made.

Step Six:

Settlement of the claim outside Court is arranged, or organisation of Court Proceedings

When making a head injury claim through us you can expect the following services from our specialised solicitors:

Brain injury case management

A head or brain injury requires vital and expert rehabilitation, in order to facilitate your long-term recovery or improvement. Ongoing specialist care will also be required; practical assistance to organise this in an efficient, professional manner is crucial. At Osbornes we place great emphasis on the importance of a relationship built on trust and confidence with your legal representative. With our dedicated support structure, you will benefit from top-level skills and training with recognition of the right personality match.

Collision investigation

When a head injury occurs after a road traffic accident, it is necessary to examine the circumstances of the incident at an early stage in order to gather evidence for who is responsible. Usually, after a serious road accident, the police will be involved; they will conduct an investigation into the cause and establish if anyone is liable for prosecution. In the aftermath of a road accident, there is often confusion, anxiety and frustration, especially if amnesia (memory loss) is experienced. Our experienced and understanding team of head and brain injury lawyers can help by obtaining information from the police and conducting a specialist investigation on your behalf.

Rehabilitation after head injury

Recovery after a traumatic head or brain injury can often be long-term, requiring specialist treatment and therapy for many years after the accident. At Osbornes we have a long history of helping our clients through such a difficult time, whilst being at the forefront of developing rehabilitation services.

Services for children

One of the key strengths of the legal team at Osbornes is their ability to offer excellent professional help and understanding when supporting families with injured children. There are often many different possible solutions and options and we see it as our role to offer more than just legal advice but to assure and offer guidance to ease the pain and suffering as much as possible.