Osbornes housing department win compensation for homeless families in Bed and Breakfast accommodation

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The Ombudsman has published a report regarding Westminster City Council’s use of bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless families.

The report was prepared as a result of a complaint made by our legal advisor, Edward Taylor. It was argued by Mr Taylor that Westminster are in breach of the relevant legislation and Code of Guidance by providing homeless families with bed and breakfast accommodation. The legislation and guidance states that bed and breakfast accommodation should be used as a last resort and only for a maximum period of six weeks.

For a long time now local authorities have been getting away with housing thousands of homeless families in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation. However, all families placed by a local housing authority in bed and breakfast accommodation will now be entitled to seek compensation.

The Ombudsman report directs Westminster to pay £500 for each six week period a family is placed in bed and breakfast accommodation.

As a result of Mr Taylor’s complaint 40 families are being given compensation.

Click here to read the final report by the Ombudsman.

If you have children and have been placed in bed and breakfast accommodation please contact Edward Taylor for assistance. You can contact Edward by calling or by filling in our online enquiry form.

For more information on the housing and social welfare assistance we can provide you visit these pages of our website.

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