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Below is a summary of the car accident claims that the personal injury specialists in the personal injury claims department at Osbornes Law

Man receives injury compensation after driver crashes into a parked car

Our client (AR) was parked on the side of a main road waiting for a friend when a speeding vehicle crashed into him and pushed his vehicle onto the pavement. Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, back and left knee. The Defendants initially accused AR of being partially at fault for the accident and we successfully challenged this.

Compensation received:

We recovered £4000 in compensation for his pain and suffering for 7-8 months with mild stiffness at 18 months.

Man receives compensation three years after injury in car accident

Our client came to us late in the day following his car accident almost three years before. He was a passenger in a vehicle which was shunted in the rear.

Compensation received:

We were able to obtain a liability response quickly and settled his claim for £1600 for three months of whiplash injuries to his neck.

Compensation received after a crash into the side of a car

Our client (EE) was driving on a main road when another vehicle pulled out of a side road and crashed into the left-hand side of EE’s vehicle. Our client was shaken up and had to take time off work. The Defendants initially accused EE of being partially at fault for the accident and we successfully challenged this. Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulders, back and right wrist for just over a year.

Compensation received:

We recovered £3000 in compensation for his injuries.

Whiplash injury after car accident leads to compensation

Our client was cycling his bicycle on a main road in Central London when a motor vehicle suddenly turned right in front of him onto a side road and he crashed in to the bonnet. Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and had a week off work.

Compensation received:

The injuries lasted approximately nine months and we recovered £3,200 in compensation for him.

Compensation claimed after a man in three-car accident injures his neck and back

The Claimant AE was driving his car on a main road when two other motor vehicles crashed. The vehicles swerved out of their lanes and crashed head-on into the Claimant. Our client had pre-existing back problems and suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, back, shoulders and chest as a result of the accident.

Compensation received:

We recovered £3500 in compensation for his injuries which last about one year

Back seat passenger injured in car accident makes successful claim for compensation

Our client (RH) was injured when the driver of the car in which he was a backseat passenger slammed on the brakes for no apparent reason. RH suffered dental injuries when his face hit the seat rest in front of him as a result of the impact, a whiplash injury and had to undergo counselling as he was so shaken up by the incident.

Compensation received:

We were able to recover £15,000 for our client.

Man who suffers severe head injury in a car accident receives compensation

Compensation has been granted to a man who sustained severe head injuries in a car accident, to fund his long-term rehabilitation. The man was a passenger at the time of the incident and was not wearing a seatbelt. As a result, the insurer representing the driver contended that he was partially responsible for the extent of his injuries and sought to reduce his compensation by 25%. However, this was later reduced to 15%. The accident caused the man to suffer from severe head and brain injury, in addition to fractures in his neck and pelvis. He still requires assistance from a team of therapists and case managers.

Road accident leaves woman with serious injuries

A woman who suffered serious injuries after she was involved in a road traffic accident has received more than £400,000 in compensation. The lady was driving home when the accident occurred. As she was driving up a hill, round a bend she saw a large vehicle coming towards her on her side of the road, as she had nowhere to go the collision was inevitable.

As a result of the accident the woman sustained serious injuries to her head and face, continues to suffer from memory loss and has not been able to return to full-time paid employment. The compensation she received will allow her to continue with vital rehabilitation.

Parents take on insurers after their son is killed by a reckless driver

A tragic case where Osbornes pursued a claim on behalf of a 14-year-old boy’s parents despite Counsel’s opinion that it was doomed to fail. In this case, a 14-year-old boy was very sadly killed by the reckless driving of an uninsured driver. As a result of the accident the parents’ lives were destroyed and the mother of the boy was unable to work again.

We were instructed by the parents and a claim was brought against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) not only for the bereavement award that was payable to the parents but also for compensation for the parents’ psychiatric injury. Sadly the law considers the parents in this situation to be “secondary victims” of the original accident because the parents were not there when the accident happened and there are currently strict legal guidelines setting out when a secondary victim can and cannot claim.

£300,000 in compensation after a hit-and-run

Siobhan McIvor, Partner in the Personal Injury Department at Osbornes Solicitors recently settled a claim after a pedestrian was deliberately knocked over by an uninsured driver. Our client sustained a number of serious injuries, including brain/psychological injuries and various bodily fractures.  As he resided in Hungary arrangements were made for him to attend the necessary appointments to obtain medico-legal reports in support of his claim and the effects of the injuries.

As the driver was uninsured, the claim went through The Motor Insurers Bureau, whose first offer of £250,000 was rejected by our client. Further negotiations by Osbornes resulted in the claim being settled for the sum of £300,000 without the need for stressful court proceedings. The driver also received a prison sentence for the vicious assault perpetrated on the Claimant.

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